A Personal Story...

For those of you who know me on a personal level know that the past year has been a challenging one and for those of who you do not, I hope we can connect through these few paragraphs.

 I got out of the Navy in mid-may and had somewhat of a solid plan, shortly after that, the relationship I was in and thought was going to last for the unforeseeable future ended abruptly and horrifically, and then on the 12th of August I lost my only/older brother, Eddie. I thought I had the next few years planned out but, as you can see, life happened. However, I tried to not let these events completely break me down and ruin my life. I decided to move to Nashville to attend Belmont University even though I had never been to the state of Tennessee. I have been here for about 3 months and I have never been so "broke"... but I couldn't be happier. 

These events took a large toll on me and made me question a lot. I lost touch of who I was and my beliefs/morals had seemed to vanish. I hurt a few people and lost some really good friends, but I really did not care; I was numb. Almost a year later from the first event, I am finally noticing change. I am actually starting to have genuine, positive feelings and my morals are starting to shape back to how they used to be. I am so grateful for this season of bullshit, but I am happy it is coming to an end. 

To all of the people who have helped me through this, I am forever thankful for you. Whether it's from your lyrics, art work, photography, an article you've sent me, or from you staying up late/leaving work/dropping whatever you were doing to just be there for me. I love all of you! <3 

These photographs are by far the most telling photographs of me and in my opinion they portray everything I have just mentioned. (Taken by: Kaylee Marie O'Hara // @golden.peaks)

- Jakob Richard Wandel