Rosie McVeigh

I met Rosie through a mutual friend/model I was shooting with while I was in NYC last March. It took some months for our schedules to work out, but come October we finally set a day to shoot. However, the biggest complication was that we lived over 4 hours away from each other... 

The shoot took place in this amazing cabin that I found during the planning process on Airbnb, which was just about half-way between us. 

These are some of my favorite images to date. I was very intentional with everything on this shoot and it really paid off. Although I have not been shooting often, I am happier with what I do shoot. Sometimes I get upset about not shooting as much, but taking photos just to take photos has gotten old. Putting in the time to figure out what I want to get out of a shoot helps the final product so much. My goal with this specific set was to capture more emotion, tension, and meaning within the photos. 

Thanks for looking, I hope y'all like them. I am going to be shooting some different stuff this year and I am looking forward to getting it out there.  <3 




Jordan "Brasko" Gable

For this shoot I had a very specific location, time of day, and vibe I was going for. I have been wanting to shoot on the roof of this liquor store in East Nashville for some time. Lately, I have been slowing down and trying to be more intentional with my shoots. Whether it is the location, theme, model, or wardrobe, I am trying to put more effort into planning and making photos that are more thought-out and meaningful. Despite just having worked all day, Jordan nailed these photos. I am so happy to share these with y'all! Enjoy and thank you for looking. 

P.S. I am looking to do more work with musicians and artists, email me if you're interested in working with me.



7x7 Photography Event Pt. 2

*If you have not seen the post before this one, please read it so you have more context as to what I am going to be talking about* 

The second night of 7x7 was a lot smoother and more natural than the first night. Everyone had learned from their mistakes from the night prior. Going into this event I had a better idea of what and how I wanted to shoot and once we were paired up, Spencer and I, started looking at the different outfit options and discussed how it was going to go once we got in the studio space. 

For this shoot, I used a ring light and moved it around him until the light fell on him just perfectly; I wanted to use a more simple set up this time. I continued messing around with the light and incorporating more shadows than I normally would, but I was very happy with how the photos were turning out. In addition to that, I also used a sun-catcher prism to add some color into the photos.  Overall, I did not feel as rushed this time and I was able to get all of the shots I had in my head this time. 

Spencer's IG: @spencerkanemusic

7x7 IG: @7x7events

7x7 Photography Event Pt. 1

7x7 is set to be a recurring event put on by Alex Berger! His goal is to bring the photography community in Nashville together and I was very happy and honored to be invited. The first night we were matched up with models and the second night with musicians. There were some of very talented photographers in attendance and I had been wanting to meet all of them from some time. We were paired up with the models other by pulling names out of a hat. We had time to discuss and theme and pick wardrobe. Once in the studio space, we were given 15 minutes to shoot. It was an amazing exercise and it really put my skills to the test. 

The first night I was paired up with Julia, who I have shot with multiple times. Similarly, Sam Frawley was paired up with Olivia, who he had shot with before as well. We decided to go in there as a group of 4. The 30 minutes flew by and by the time I was warmed up and switched with Sam a few times our time was up. I had some great visions, but I did not have enough time to execute as perfectly as I would have liked. Regardless, I am very happy with the opportunity and how the photos turned out. I am looking forward to the next event <3 



One of my favorite things about my apartment is the golden hour lighting that shines in. I've been wanting to shoot in there since I moved in late last year! Once the sun started coming out I put something on my Instagram story to see if anyone wanted to shoot in there with me.  Fast forward to a week later and Julia and I were shooting. The day we decided to shoot could not have been any better; the light was perfect throughout our entire shoot. 

Since this was my 3rd time shooting with Julia, shooting was very effortless and she understood what I was going for. We decided on an outfit and start shooting right away. It was a very seamless, easy process. My main goal was to use the shadows very intentionally to create the photos and I even pulled a branch off of a tree outside so I could create some of my own shadows. Being able to exercise my creativity and the ideas I had was an amazing feeling.  This is a theme/look I am going to move forward with and try to shoot more of. 


Docli (JAG Models NYC)

By the time Dolci and I shot, I thought I would have been exhausted from shooting and walking around New York all week, but that was not the case.

 We met in Brooklyn where I was staying and just kind of ventured out from there.I had not spent much time in Brooklyn during my trip so I was happy about this.  I wanted to shoot on the bridge but I guess I didn't account for all of the people that were up there trying to do the same thing. I didn't really have a solid plan or know the area too well. Due to my lack of planning it was challenging, but overall I had fun and I am very happy with these pictures. Not to mention she is from Nashville (where I am currently living) so we had a lot to talk about!


Last week I took a trip to New York and I was able to shoot with some wonderful people, one of them being Mia (@mammamia450). I've been wanting to go back to NY for sometime, so I am happy it worked out. 

Our shoot started off rather slowly with us wandering near Chinatown. The sun was very bright and there were way too many people around so we didn't have much luck. Also, prior to this shoot, I hurt my foot and while with Mia I began limping. This led to me dragging her into the Nike store so I could buy more a comfortable pair of shoes. Once that was done we headed to Central Park and continued shooting. I cannot describe how happy I am with these photos.  I hope y'all enjoy these as much as I do, I'll be posting the photos from my other NYC shoots on here asap. 



Rebecca and I shot while I was at home in Cleveland for the Holidays. It was very cold that day, so we had to improvise but I am very happy with the images we were able to get! 

Model: Rebecca Arquette Katona (@katonaarquette) 

MUA: Patty Bailes (@pattybailes)