7x7 Photography Event Pt. 1

7x7 is set to be a recurring event put on by Alex Berger! His goal is to bring the photography community in Nashville together and I was very happy and honored to be invited. The first night we were matched up with models and the second night with musicians. There were some of very talented photographers in attendance and I had been wanting to meet all of them from some time. We were paired up with the models other by pulling names out of a hat. We had time to discuss and theme and pick wardrobe. Once in the studio space, we were given 15 minutes to shoot. It was an amazing exercise and it really put my skills to the test. 

The first night I was paired up with Julia, who I have shot with multiple times. Similarly, Sam Frawley was paired up with Olivia, who he had shot with before as well. We decided to go in there as a group of 4. The 30 minutes flew by and by the time I was warmed up and switched with Sam a few times our time was up. I had some great visions, but I did not have enough time to execute as perfectly as I would have liked. Regardless, I am very happy with the opportunity and how the photos turned out. I am looking forward to the next event <3