One of my favorite things about my apartment is the golden hour lighting that shines in. I've been wanting to shoot in there since I moved in late last year! Once the sun started coming out I put something on my Instagram story to see if anyone wanted to shoot in there with me.  Fast forward to a week later and Julia and I were shooting. The day we decided to shoot could not have been any better; the light was perfect throughout our entire shoot. 

Since this was my 3rd time shooting with Julia, shooting was very effortless and she understood what I was going for. We decided on an outfit and start shooting right away. It was a very seamless, easy process. My main goal was to use the shadows very intentionally to create the photos and I even pulled a branch off of a tree outside so I could create some of my own shadows. Being able to exercise my creativity and the ideas I had was an amazing feeling.  This is a theme/look I am going to move forward with and try to shoot more of.