7x7 Photography Event Pt. 2

*If you have not seen the post before this one, please read it so you have more context as to what I am going to be talking about* 

The second night of 7x7 was a lot smoother and more natural than the first night. Everyone had learned from their mistakes from the night prior. Going into this event I had a better idea of what and how I wanted to shoot and once we were paired up, Spencer and I, started looking at the different outfit options and discussed how it was going to go once we got in the studio space. 

For this shoot, I used a ring light and moved it around him until the light fell on him just perfectly; I wanted to use a more simple set up this time. I continued messing around with the light and incorporating more shadows than I normally would, but I was very happy with how the photos were turning out. In addition to that, I also used a sun-catcher prism to add some color into the photos.  Overall, I did not feel as rushed this time and I was able to get all of the shots I had in my head this time. 

Spencer's IG: @spencerkanemusic

7x7 IG: @7x7events