Rosie McVeigh

I met Rosie through a mutual friend/model I was shooting with while I was in NYC last March. It took some months for our schedules to work out, but come October we finally set a day to shoot. However, the biggest complication was that we lived over 4 hours away from each other... 

The shoot took place in this amazing cabin that I found during the planning process on Airbnb, which was just about half-way between us. 

These are some of my favorite images to date. I was very intentional with everything on this shoot and it really paid off. Although I have not been shooting often, I am happier with what I do shoot. Sometimes I get upset about not shooting as much, but taking photos just to take photos has gotten old. Putting in the time to figure out what I want to get out of a shoot helps the final product so much. My goal with this specific set was to capture more emotion, tension, and meaning within the photos. 

Thanks for looking, I hope y'all like them. I am going to be shooting some different stuff this year and I am looking forward to getting it out there.  <3